Dear TPCA members,

Welcome to a new year with TPCA! I’m excited to serve as your new Trans-Pecos President for this year 2017-2018.

I've been a member of Trans-Pecos Counseling Association (TPCA) for the past 5 years and throughout those years I've met great mentors and leaders that have inspired me to take on this leadership role. I have a great team on board and I would like to thank each one of them for their support in my leadership journey.

Our goal is to continue to have more members join TPCA in oder to develop a stronger network within the counseling professions. Our mission is to provide support, leadership and continuing educational opportunities. We want TPCA to be a resource for you and your organization to be able to share best practices, resources and employment opportunities.

I would like to extend the invitation to all pre-existing members and new future members to join us in our Annual Kick off September 22, 2017 at 10504 Candlewood Ave. at 5:30pm. The Annual Kick off provides an opportunity to network with other professionals in counseling and meet the newly elected TPCA board members.

Please share this with others and we hope to see you on September 22nd or any future event.


Patsy Saenz

Patsy Saenz M.Ed.
TPCA President 2017-2018
(915) 831-5143