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School Counseling Week Proclamation

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Top 10 Reasons why YOU should join the Texas School Counselor Association:

#10 Free newsletter, The Voice of the School Counselor addressing current issues and ideas
#9 Scholarships (a.k.a. "cash") for members, their student, members' children and grandchildren!
#8 Opportunities for professional growth!
#7 TSCA Elementary & Secondary Professional Growth Conference in exotic locales!
#6 Advocacy and networking opportunities!
#5 A chance to win an "Outstanding Counselor Award!"
#4 VIP "Members-only" website with life-changing tools! Unavailable to the general public!
#3 Opportunity to recognize your awesome campus counseling department (CREST Program)!
#2 A chance to get "up close and personal" with your state legislator!

And the #1 reason why YOU should join the Texas School Counselor Association...


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The Texas School Counselor Association is a division of the Texas Counseling Association and is a State branch of the American School Counselor Association.

Our mission is to serve professional school counselors by advocating for and advancing the role of the professional school counselor and the comprehensive school guidance and counseling program throughout Texas.

We value...

  • Professional commitment and involvement
  • Comprehensive developmental guidance programs to meet the social, educational, personal, and career needs of all students
  • Professional development and empowerment of the professional school counselor
  • Professional school counselors as essential educators and mental health professionals in the school system
  • Advocacy and promotion of the benefits of developmental guidance and counseling programs carried out by professional school counselors in the schools

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