Texas Association for Humanistic Education and Development

Welcome to the Texas Association for Humanistic Education and Development

TAHEAD is a division of the Texas Counseling Association .

The mission of TAHEAD is to promote positive human growth and development through counseling, education and advocacy. To this end, the association provides for the exchange of information about humanistically oriented counseling, administration and instructional practices, and encourages cooperation with related professional groups interested in the development of the individual.


  • We believe in the innate value of the individual, the right of each to exist, to believe, and to function as an autonomous being.
  • We believe positive attitudes toward self and others, encompassing democratic ideals, are nurtured through diversified learning and developmental processes.
  • We believe people learn and develop best in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and acceptance.

Why join TAHEAD?

We serve to focus the counseling profession on the developmental growth model of working with people. We promote humanistic principles and ideals. We encourage the nurturing and valuing of each individual that comes to us seeking counseling or education. As an organization, we provide a conceptual framework for counseling in working with people. We seek to serve a vital role in the direction of the Texas Counseling Association, but more importantly, we seek to serve a vital role with our clients and students. Join us as we work together for what's AHEAD in the counseling profession!