I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as President for such a strong organization with a determination to learn and share information about the developmental nuances surrounding us from birth to death. I am grateful for the confidence of the Board of Directors and especially pleased to have your support, I hope.

In order to meet the growth plans that I have, and to meet our TCA expectations of continued development and growth, we have to aggressively pursue new areas where our expertise can be used. Our aim is to reshape the manner in which we counsel throughout the lifespan.

The focus will be:

  1. To promote new counselors, new theories and techniques as the demand for information on aging increases;
  2. To expand the use of technology in our interactions amongst one another;
  3. To shows the value and potential of becoming a member of TAADA; and
  4. To expand our collaborations with other Divisions and Chapters.

As the TCA family flourishes and opportunities arise at a record pace, TAADA will continue to move forward without hesitation. As a community, I know we are united in our desire to provide outstanding client service and satisfaction. We are vigilant in the pursuit of new ideas to help our clients benefit from our partnerships with other counselors.

Note: Please let me know if you are interested in increasing your involvement in TAADA as a:

  • Member
  • Officer
  • Speaker
  • Researcher
  • Writer

Forest Smith, President, TAADA

713-409-5225 or Forestsmith13012@gmail.com