Professional Writing Award

Biographical Data:

  • Describe how the nominee's outstanding professional writing has given impetus to the growth of guidance and counseling and/or how the writing has given our profession increased visibility.
  • A brief summary statement of why the nominee should be the person to receive the Professional Writing Award.
  • A press release will be sent the newspaper and radio station of each of the award winners. Please list the address and fax numbers of your nominees local newspaper and a radio station.
  • A letter will be mailed to the supervisor of each of the award winners. Please list the name, address and fax number of your nominees supervisor.

Please Note:

  • An individual or a chapter/division can submit a nomination.
  • The writing materials must be submitted with the nomination.
  • The Professional Writing Award cannot be given to an individual in the following areas:
    • Doctoral dissertations
    • Masters papers
    • Federal grants or other general funding services

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