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General Background:To enhance and strengthen the grass roots of TCA and to more realistically address the professional needs of its members across the state, a systematic procedure has been established to award Professional Development Grants to Chapters and Divisions as a means of developing professional development programs, workshops, seminars, continuing education programs (CEUs), and lectures, both locally and regionally.

Purpose: To provide funds to help Chapters and Divisions provide programs and workshops to help address the professional development needs of TCA Members.


  • Applications must be submitted to the TCA office six (6) weeks before the planned activity and must document that the proposed activity is consistent with TCA's strategic plan and is relevant to the professional concerns of the target audience.
  • A letter of support from the President or President-elect of the Chapter or Division must be included.
  • Grants are awarded based on funds budgeted for this purpose. Each Chapter and Division is limited to one grant of not more the $200 per fiscal year. 
  • Chapter(s) and Division(s) making application will show evidence that the professional development program or activity is consistent with the purposes and philosophy of TCA and that a needs assessment/analysis has been conducted to determine relevant professional concerns.
  • The TCA President-elect reviews and approves or denies the grant application(s).
  • If denied, the Chapter or Division is notified of the reason the grant was denied.
  • If approved, all programs must list TCA as a co-sponsor. Programs may not conflict with TCA meetings or conferences.
  • report and evaluation of the program must be submitted to the TCA office within thirty (30) days of completion of the program.
  • Chapters and Divisions sponsoring financially successful programs and activities are encouraged to return the amount of or a portion of the grant to further support grants to other Chapters and Divisions. 

Send the completed application, all attachments and letter(s) of support from the Chapter or Division Presidents or President-Elect at least six (6) weeks prior to the grant activity to:

TCA Chapter/Division Coordinator
1204 San Antonio, Suite 201
Austin, Texas 78701

Last Updated: October 14, 2013