We're sorry you're having difficulty. Please read below to see if your issue can be easily corrected.

I cannot log in.

Go to the TCA log-in screen. In the "User Name" field, enter your first and last name, no space. This is your user name. (i.e. JohnSmith- JulieJohnson-Smith) Leave the "password" field blank, and click "Login." You will receive your password via email within a few minutes. You can use this information to log in. If this does not solve your problem, please contact arturo@txca.org. Please allowup to two business days to receive a response.

Has my membership expired?

To check on the status of your membership, log in to the TCA website. (Instructions above) Once you are logged in, choose "Members Only," from the menu tree to the left of the page, and click "MEMBER PROFILE PAGE." Your current memberships are listed at the bottom of your member profile page.

I have a question regarding a legal matter.

Free legal advice is available to all current TCA members. If you have a question regarding a professional or personal legal matter, log in to the TCA website and choose the "Legal Care" option under "Members Only."