Program Facilitators

Save yourself a seat in the program(s) of your choice as a program facilitator. Graduate students can earn $25 by facilitating for three hours. TCA provides all facilitators with a quick training and instruction sheet to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Facilitators may select programs on a first-come, first-served basis. Duties include picking up your facilitator packet(s), distributing and collecting sign-in sheets and evaluations, and making sure all the facilitator packets are returned to the facilitator booth in the exhibit hall.

Facilitator Instructions

  • As attendees enter the room, confirm that they have a valid conference name badge. Conference name badges are REQUIRED for all session attendees. If an attendee needs a name badge,  send them to conference registration in the exhibit hall. (Please note, special name badges are issued for Learning Institutes and Post-Conference Workshops.)

  • Ensure all arriving attendees complete the attendance sign-in sheet, checking the appropriate box(es) to the right of their signature. All attendees must sign in to receive CE credit.

  • Randomly distribute program evaluation forms to attendees before the program begins

  • At the scheduled start time, introduce the program title and presenter(s). Ask all attendees to silence their cell phones. Next, read the following statement aloud to the audience: "TCA's status as a continuing education provider means that a program designated for credit meets the general requirements set by the licensure and certification boards. It does not imply endorsement of the content of any specific program."

  • Place the "Program Closed" sign on outside of the door 15 minutes after the program begins or once the room reaches capacity (whichever comes first). Do not admit late attendees unless 1) their previous program was canceled,  2) the presenter for their previous program did not show, or 3) other sessions are full.

  • After the program, collect all sign-in sheets and evaluation forms. Complete the short facilitator summary worksheet, and return your completed facilitator packet to the facilitator booth in the exhibit hall.

View the Facilitator Training Video that was produced by the 2013  TCA Professional Growth Conference Program Committee.