CREST - Counselors Reinforcing Excellence in Texas

What is CREST?
Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas (CREST) is sponsored by the Texas School Counselor Association (TSCA) and awarded to school counseling programs that meet CREST requirements. CREST is a continuous improvement document that school counseling programs can use to demonstrate effective communication and a commitment to obtaining results. In its final form, CREST is a brochure that highlights the accomplishments of your counseling program. Your CREST document will include information in seven (7) areas:

  • Principal’s Comments
  • School Counseling Advisory Council
  • School Climate and Safety
  • Student Results
  • Major Achievements
  • Community Partnerships/Resources
  • Parent Collaboration

Ask yourself, ―Why should our school counseling program pursue the CREST application process?
Benefits of CREST:

  • Advocate for your school counseling program and show how it supports student success
  • Document your school counseling program’s role in supporting student success
  • Show continuous improvement data for your counseling program
  • Highlight program successes for all stakeholders
  • Strengthen the campus counseling program by aligning it with the campus improvement plan
  • Reinforce the school counselor’s role in the academic, personal/social, and career development of students
  • Link your school counseling program to state, national, and legislative standards
  • Provide a tool for accountability
  • Receive recognition at the Texas School Counselor Association/Texas Counseling Association spring conferences
  • Receive a CREST banner for display on your campus

CREST Presentation

The CREST Application Deadline is November 1, 2017.

Click here to download the CREST 2017 application.

Click here for CREST Document Upload.

Mail completed CREST Application with required forms, documents and flash drive, to:

CREST Application
c/o Jill Adams
702 Shannon Lane
Highland Village, TX 75077

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